Monday 30 March 2015


We have wanted to create our own potato stamps for a while, and as Easter is fast approaching it seemed like a fun idea to create some bunting from some seasonal designs. 

As always, we grabbed what was to hand at home, which included some small potatoes. Ideally, larger potatoes would have been easier to carve and create more complex details, such as the rabbit footprints. Trying to cut out four paw pads on a tiny potato was a little tricky on our time frame. However, it all worked out well enough, and we had fun.

Potatoes - the larger the better
Cutting tools - we used a pairing knife and skewers
Chopping board
Acrylic paint
Cardboard - for the bunting

1. Cut your potato in half and cut out your shape. To make stamping easy, ensure the stamp design is flat.
2. Place the stamp design on a flat surface or tray of paint and print away.
3. To create the bunting, I hand-cut one shape and used this as a template to create more pieces. I will use twine and a stapler to join these together.

You can cut your potato in half and cut a section off, create your design and use toothpicks to reattach. See here.

images the indigo crew

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