Monday 23 March 2015


We first heard about Lane Cove National Park a few years ago when one of our neighbours said they went camping there with their young children. It seemed like a great idea - getting your children to test-drive sleeping in a tent without having to drive for hours beforehand. We've been meaning to check out the parklands ever since, and finally got to it over the weekend.

It was a taster only, as the park has many features to offer, including a boat shed where you can hire peddle boats and kayaks. However, we wanted to get a sense of the scale of the place, and just spend some time hanging out in nature.

We took a walk through some bushland, saw many varieties of ducks and birdlife, and spotted a couple of Eastern Water Dragons. 

As we walked we collected various feathers that we found along the way, and was quite impressed with the colour and mix when we had a closer look at them when we were back home.

* Bike-riding in the park is popular. It's quite hilly in sections so suited mainly to competent riders, however, there were much smaller children's tracks too.
* There are plenty of picnic tables and areas to sit and have lunch, and be able to enjoy the surrounding bush.
* There's a boat shed with paddle boats and kayaks for hire, although it seemed closed for renovation when we visited.

images the indigo crew

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