Monday 16 March 2015


Eggs are such a beautiful shape, and it's fun to play on their curves and lines when painting them. For this project we painted some with regular poster paint and others we applied gold leaf. On a previous attempt I didn't allow enough time for the application process and ended up with a lot of leaf on my fingers and it clumping on the eggs. On my second attempt I simplified the application and took a little more time. They turned out much better. It's a sticky business and I probably wouldn't get the little ones to help with this part. However, painting is a lot of fun.

1. For painted eggs, paint a base colour and allow to dry. Note, we applied about three coats of poster paint. Apply second colour.
2. For gold-leaf eggs. Apply paint first. Once dry, apply gold leaf glue size. Allow to dry, according to packet instructions. Apply gold leaf with a soft brush. 

* Use a soft but thick brush for applying the gold leaf. If it's too firm it might scratch of the leaf.
* Try to apply as much of the sheet in one go and lay it over the area where you want to place it. If it tears, don't worry, you can fill in the gaps with smaller pieces.
* The more you brush away at the lines where the glue hasn't been applied, the neater the edge you will get. But it's a timely process. We were content to go with a more rustic finish.

images the indigo crew

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