Friday 8 May 2015


Last year I came across the work of Australian artist and illustrator Kirsty Davidson. After interviewing her for Daily Imprint she said she would like to send me a gift - one of the limited-edition prints from her online store. It was a generous offer, and after deliberating over the fox, tiger and whale I chose the arctic hare artwork because of its resemblance to a rabbit, which is one of my daughter's favourite animals.

For many months it has been stored away until the girls' bedrooms were finished and painted. When that happened recently we hung the artwork and are all happy with the choice. It's lovely to have art in the room that celebrates her interests but can also grow with her - a piece that she will enjoy for years to come. I also like that its colours are quite sophisticated too, and not what you might expect for a little girl's room. And while we are undergoing a major process of simplifying our lifestyle at home, it's something we have chosen to stay with us on our journey together as a family.

images the indigo crew

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