Friday 15 May 2015


We were hoping to make a leaf crown while the youngest had her nap but when we went to collect leaves from outside many of them were cracked and not in great condition. So instead we made an impromptu feather crown from the materials we already had in our craft box. I have been wanting to make one for some time - partly inspired by the one in Sippy and Sunny - and even have feathers and a beautiful ribbon to go. But when the three-year-old spotted these pastel ones (for a styling shoot), it had to be them! Also, I wanted to add that while I enjoy getting crafty I am far from an expert sewer. But I like that I can do it while others play with my stash of buttons, for instance. It's an activity that's easy to pick up and put down - multiple times, as the case was while I made this during the afternoon. 

Needle and thread

1. Cut ribbon to size and arrange feathers for quantities and colour sequencing.
2. Pierce the end of the feather with the needle and thread before starting your first stitch so that it stays in place. Loop stitch until you reach the end of the feather stem. Repeat.
3. Stitch the two ends together. Wear!

images the indigo crew

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